Compound Screening

High-throughput Screening

Service capabilities include compound discovery, compound activity evaluation, target validation and lead compound optimization. Below is a list of our available technical platforms:

1) Biochemical, enzymatic and kinase platforms

2) Gene expression analysis

3) Protein expression analysis

4) Cell proliferation and apoptosis platforms

5) Biomarker measurement

6) GPCR measurement

7) Protein interaction platform

8) Cellular permeability evaluation

9) In vitro compound metabolism platform

PROTAC In Vitro Evaluation

1) Degradation ability assays

2) Live-cell assays

3) Polyubiquitylation level measurement

4) Ternary complexes analysis

5) POI binding affinity measurement

6) E3 binding affinity measurement

7) Cellular permeability evaluation

Our Advantages:

1) Allows for high-throughput screening of compounds in biochemical and cellular assays.

2) Multiple forms of measurement, capable of running end points and real-time kinetic analysis.

3) Short turnaround time, highly reliable and reproducible results and competitive price.

4) Experienced scientific team provides technical assistance to customers.