Navigating the Global NHP Shortage

Mar.19 2023

SAFE Pharmaceutical Services – Let Us Help You Navigate the Global NHP Shortage 

North American pharmaceutical developers have had to grapple with the limited access to  NHPs in biomedical research. While discussions continue in the U.S. to develop infrastructure  and strategy to lessen the reliance on outside resources, NHP sources in Southeast Asia are  entangled in legal battles to ease NHP export restrictions. And when NHP export is possible, the  5- to 10-fold increase in the cost of NHPs makes the use of NHP cost-prohibitive. 

China continues to be the leading supplier of NHPs on the international market, but the COVID- 19 pandemic has led to the prohibition of shipping NHPs out of China. So what is the fix? Shift the work abroad! 

SAFE Pharmaceutical offers you:

- Established primate animal models for human diseases 

- Achievement of significant scientific progress in infectious diseases, oncology/immuno-oncology, CNS, metabolic/cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and other critical disease indications. 

- Readily available high-quality purpose-bred NHPs from SAFE-owned breeding colonies.  

- Adherence to international regulatory standards.

- AAALAC-accredited toxicology facilities managed by China- and U.S.-based team of expert scientists. 

- In-house laboratory services in support of all in-vivo work (analytical/bioananalytical chemistry, clinical pathology, histology/pathology, surgery suites, imaging tools, etc.).

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